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Cleveland I

Available Monday and Wednesday

Like a magic carpet ride to many lands, this tour will take you to visit a number of ethnic places and historical places where immigrants came to build this place we call home. This special international and historic tour of Cleveland will combine culture, food, history and ethnic lunch, to give you a unique view of the rich tapestry of cultures and heritage that make Cleveland.

Package includes a step-on guide with stops at a German, Greek, Lebanese and Asian shop, stop by an Ohio City Church, shopping time at Westside Market, lunch, visit Little Italy plus all applicable taxes and meal gratuity.

Cleveland I​I

Available Monday through Friday

Part history and part mystery, we’ll continue exploring planet Cleveland and its fascinating neighborhoods and unique areas to discover what makes them special. If you enjoyed Cleveland I, then you’ll appreciate the many areas we’ll see and the memories we’ll enjoy in part II.

Package includes a step-on guide with a visit League Park, stop at Coventry-on-the Heights, Kosher Grocery Store & Bakery, visit a large inland lake, lunch, dessert in Slavic Village, see a special 9 hole golf
course, sightsee through Tremont plus all applicable taxes and meal gratuity.

Cleveland III

Available Wednesday

Cleveland has a fascinating history because of the many ethnic groups that came here in search of the American dream. This rich heritage of pioneers consistently built Cleveland for over 200 years from a small settlement to a world-class city. As part of our unique series of Historic Cleveland tours, this trip will show you much of our late 1800 and early 1900 history that is hidden in plain sight. Join us as we look back into our common heritage and also see a vision of Cleveland’s future.

Package includes a step-on guide with stop at a unique art-deco building, visit the site of the Cleveland Stockyards, walking tour of Gordon Square Arts District, lunch, driving tour of the Warehouse District, visit the observation level of the Terminal Tower, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Woolworth’s store (now House of Blues) plus all applicable taxes and meal gratuity.

Cleveland IV

Available Friday

History is being made every day! If you have traveled with us on Cleveland 1, 2 or 3, you know how much amazing history (and surprises) Cleveland has to offer. Here is your chance to see many new areas, as we continue to explore hidden sites that show Cleveland’s past, present and future.

Package includes a step-on guide with a visit Gordon Park, Lakeshore Park, Dike 14, explore Millionaire Row Mansions of Bratenahl, walking tour of Waterloo Arts district, lunch, visit Whiskey Island, Chinatown, shopping stop at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, see Hingetown, visit Arabian Nights Club, all applicable taxes and meal gratuities.

Cleveland V

Available Monday through Friday

Cleveland is a city on the grow with tremendous new developments while still holding onto its amazing history and heritage. Come join us as we continue exploring planet Cleveland seeing many unique sites that make Cleveland a wonderful mosaic of people and places.

Package includes a step-on guide with  explore Glenville, discover Church Alley, see the Cultural Gardens, ride the RTA Waterfront trolley-train, walking tour of Terminal Tower/Tower City, lunch, more historical sightseeing, visit Peterson’s nuts, tour Cleveland Trust, tour the Metropolitan Hotel plus all applicable taxes
and meal gratuity.